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he economy was in ruins and millions of people were getting health cost increase notices. Fees were sky-rocketing, and with people get
ting laid off, many were being offered COBRA.
   Then, along came Marc Harris to save many indi- 


Marc L. Harris

    Many people might be shocked to know that HMO’s are more expensive than PPO’s.
  The shift occurred a few years ago, and today an Orange County family of five with parents in their mid 40’s would be paying $1,021 a month with a Blue Cross HMO plan. The same family on a PPO plan would be paying $302 with

When it comes to lowering health insurance costs,
the only company to turn to is

viduals and families thou-sands of dollars in health costs.
   What Harris does is give
people a cost-effective al-ternative to the outlandish
COBRA health costs: he
created a program and Web site called
   For Jim and Dawn Waxon of San Diego, Harris’services and expertise were life saving.
   “He really came through for us,” Jim Waxon says.
   Harris comes through for all of his clients because he’s a compassionate, caring and professional health insurance and financial expert with


a wealth of experience and knowledge. He’s one of those special and meticulous
professionals who knows the industry inside and out, and does whatever it takes to get the job done in a rapid manner.
   “He contributed greatly to my search for [the right] insurance plan,” says one of Harris’ clients, J. Boyd of Anaheim Hills. “I was utilizing COBRA, and when it expired I was caught up in the never ending bureaucratic business of HMO’s. I couldn’t find insurance, but Marc, in his adamant search, found a plan that I’m extremely happy with.”


          a $500 hospital deductible.
   That’s the kind of valuable and pertinent information Harris dis-penses to clients and prospects.
   And if anyone knows the im-portance of choosing a PPO plan over a HMO, it is Harris.
   When his father-in-law was suffering with leukemia, he had the top doctors at UCLA work-ing for him. Meanwhile, Harris’ mother, who has been suffering
from breast cancer since 1999, has an HMO plan, “and I’m constantly yelling at doctors about her lack of care,” Harris says.
The difference is that Harris’ father-in-law had


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